Coaching – Women of color

I primarily serve women of color in corporate careers to go from underestimated and overworked to unapologetic and wildly successful.

Coaching is a process that helps leaders unlock their potential, get unstuck, find inspiration and reach their goals. As your coach, I’ll partner with you to ask you thought-provoking questions and suggest new paradigms. I will see your awesomeness, witness your struggles and resilience and champion your successes. I’ll support you as you dig deeper and think bigger. Coaching is a transformative experience!

I also love coaching fellow DEI professionals. As you’re supporting organizations that are doing the hard work of change, who is supporting you—personally, professionally or both? I can help you reconnect to the reason why you started doing this work, explore and discover your values, and clarify your dreams and goals. Together, we can quiet your inner critic and help you achieve your greatness.


From underestimated and over-worked to unapologetic and unstoppable.


Tara wearing a pink and green printed dress in front of a pink, orange and yellow mural

I am a certified professional coach with the Co-Active Training Institute, an accredited program that’s been considered the gold standard in the leadership coaching industry for 30 years. I’ve also earned the Associate Certified Coach credential through the International Coaching Federation. I did my training in a BIPOC cohort through Coaching for Everyone.

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Tara provides the space to just be. Her sessions allowed me to dream about what I want my personal and professional life to be and how to take steps to fulfill that dream. Her coaching sessions made me feel limitless. I deeply appreciated my coaching sessions as a woman of color doing DEI work in corporate America because Tara poured into me.  I’ve never had a space like this. I’m usually giving to others in professional settings so it was so nice to feel supported and encouraged, while having fun in the process.

Kiera Vinson

Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Tara Robertson is a powerful, insightful coach! I would always look forward to our precious hour together with great excitement and I’d leave energized and clearer about my path and purpose.

Tesicca Turong

Award-Winning Climate Change, Housing, and Community Engagement Strategist

Tara is a natural-born coach. I could tell from the first time we met that her approaches are what I needed. She really listened and helped me uncover threads I had never really unpacked before. She tailored exercises and activities to my learning style that ended up really resonating. I feel equipped with resources that are empowering, yet individualized. She helped me find my space, and I’ll forever be grateful.
Misty Cozac

Honest, generous, and sizzlingly wise! I worked with Tara on visioning and transforming my work and creative life, Within 6 months, I had three creative projects edited and sent to an agent, and was interviewing for tenure-track jobs at two top universities in Canada. With one of those new jobs in hand and renewed plans in order for my creative work, I know I’m keeping Tara for life.


Tara is the perfect combination of warmth, understanding, and direct and challenging. If you are considering Tara as your coach, consider no more! Best decision I could have made. She helped me to soar personally and professionally. Don’t waste another day you could be thriving!
Lisa DeMary

PhD candidate, RN, BSN, MS

The work we did together elevated my confidence, ignited my creativity and energized my processes in such a way that I have moved forward faster than I could ever have imagined. I am so grateful to Tara for helping me launch in the new directions I have felt called to explore and for her assistance in identifying and moving past both internal and external obstacles that were standing between me and my goals.

I am confident she can and will help many others to do the same and I am excited for the gifts that THOSE people will be supported in offering to the world!

Catherine Lough Haggquist

Actor, Educator, Entrepreneur