If your DEI plans exist only on paper, who’s keeping you accountable for implementing them?


Whether you’ve got a risky marketing campaign (and customers roasting you for it) or an internal headache like staff arguing…

You need a strategist, not a volunteer committee, to bring your DEI efforts to life. 

Dozens of established companies have trusted me to help them transform their organizations with diversity, equity, and inclusion — without fear of making a mistake or feeling stupid.

Companies that have hired me:

The Carpentries

Tara is exactly the kind of person I would trust to lead my most important initiatives.

“Tara and I partnered on numerous projects over several years. In everything she does, she brings attention to detail, empathy, sensitivity to cultural difference, and an unbeatable, infectious energy that influences others to take action. She is a community builder, a change maker, and an inspiration. She is exactly the kind of person I would trust to lead my most important initiatives.”

Steven Potter

Former Senior Program Manager, Mozilla

Tara Robertson Headshot

For 15 years, I’ve helped people-centric companies design plans based on research. 

I nerd out on the intersection of data-driven programs and people-first strategy.

Take it from my decade of experience as an in-house DEI lead for a major tech brand — there is a better way to navigate DEI.

DEI is not:

  • Ignorable anymore — it’s 2024, and doing nothing won’t fly these days
  • Something to DIY with volunteer-run resource groups — companies need real accountability for real organizational change (and that requires $)
  • Generic initiatives written on a piece of paper that don’t align with your company values

Choose to work with me when you’re ready to:

  • Strategize with an expert with deep subject-matter knowledge 
  • Design action plans to drive transformational change based on data 
  • Implement research-backed programs to create a more inclusive and equitable culture

Let’s co-design a data-driven DEI strategy that helps everyone in your company feel like they belong – without treating them like numbers.

Tara Robertson is an excellent thought partner for equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

“Tara Robertson is an excellent thought partner for equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). The Carpentries hired Tara as part of a grant to improve EDI awareness and education across our staff and programs. I worked directly with Tara to streamline our Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Roadmap with our Strategic Plan. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback.” 

Dr. Kari L. Jordan

Executive Director, The Carpentries

No two projects should ever be the same because no two organizations are the same. This is how I cater to your uniqueness:

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Diagnose from the Data

My clients don’t need to look at qualitative and quantitative data to create their DEI strategy. I do it for them. I get to know their people on a deeply personal level, identifying where issues lie by digging into surveys, responses, and HR data. Because if you don’t know what’s going on and where the gaps are–how do you design things to fix them?

pink align icon

Align with Core Values

No cookie-cutter approaches or check-the-box initiatives found here. We’ll get clear on where you want your organization to go in 5-10 years, then architect a strategy to get there that aligns with your company values and big picture vision.

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Focus on the Right Things

We’re not going to do all the things. Strategy is about pinpointing what exactly you’re saying “yes” to and what you’re saying “no” so that you can move your DEI work forward.

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Co-Design Employee Experiences

When it’s time to implement, I’m able to walk with you. My in-house experience means I know we need to involve other stakeholders, and I understand practical things about change management. I’m there every step of the way making sure you have the support you need and seeing that the work is successful.

Here’s how the consulting experience works:

  1. Free consultation with Tara
  2. Custom proposal 
  3. Custom plan co-designed specifically for you
  4. Unlimited communication 
  5. Change management 
  6. Involving internal stakeholders so the work runs smoothly
  7. Create lasting systemic impact and cultural change

Tara really listened to our organization’s needs. She asked thoughtful, provocative questions that helped to shift and define the goals and scope of our project. She brings deep subject matter knowledge but doesn’t offer cookie-cutter solutions – she was committed to tailoring the process to meet our needs, goals and organizational culture. 

She worked with staff from across the organization, including staff who don’t typically work together or may not have met each other before the first workshop. Staff reported that they felt comfortable sharing their thoughts, that the workshops felt collaborative and open, and that they felt energized throughout the workshops. Tara is also a super-organized, no-bullshit communicator. We loved working with Tara and look forward to working with her again.

Beth Davies

Chief Librarian, Burnaby Public Library

Working with me as a consultant falls under two buckets:

Corporate DEI Strategy Consulting 

Need someone to untangle the external or internal messes for you? I’ve got you. We’ll assess the state of things by measuring what matters. Then over the course of 3 months (at minimum), we’ll build strategies and implement specific programs to make your organizational culture more inclusive and equitable.


Processing some difficult stuff at work? Need someone to hold space for the hard things that need to be spoken aloud?

We’ll clarify where your team needs to go, and I’ll facilitate a bespoke session just for your group. Walk away with business impact and positive impact on work culture. (Don’t expect boring though!)

Before you reach out, you need to know this:

I’m bold, and I take a stand for things I care about (including my clients). That means I’ll help you match up your actions with your words and that you’re living from your values. 

That also means I don’t work with anyone. 

If you’re in the weapons, police, oil, and gas industry, our values aren’t aligned, so I won’t be the right consultant for you.

Photo: Tara Robertson

Consulting proposals are quoted exclusively on a case-by-case basis. 

Note: your investment is determined based on the project scope and other specific details — thus, each proposal is as unique as the people who make up your organization. In the name of transparency, you can expect a 5-figure investment. 

I also fill my calendar with a limited number of clients per year, so I suggest inquiring as early as possible. Custom proposals are created for every organizational client.