Is it time to step up your DEI efforts?

Work with a strategist who is unafraid to challenge the status quo.

Not knowing what you don’t know — or where to start — shouldn’t keep you from creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive company culture. 

Because that volunteer employee resource group isn’t enough in 2024 and beyond.

That’s where I come in.

Companies that have hired me:

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Want strategy that goes beyond the surface and creates lasting, measurable results?

DEI Consultant and Executive Coach with 15+ years of experience at your service. 

After several years working in tech, I decided to create my own company where I could do work that was more values-aligned. 

That’s when I saw how I could make a greater impact: by helping companies level up their DEI efforts with strategy that creates measurable impact in business.

But I didn’t want to work only with corporate organizations—though I love co-designing strategies with them to create measurable results and sustainable improvements. 

I also wanted to help women in corporate careers who knew what it was like to navigate systems that weren’t designed for them. (Because I really get that.)

That’s why my company is a unique mix of high-touch, bespoke consulting and executive coaching. 

I help corporate clients dismantle superficial approaches and implement systemic changes through research-backed, data-driven DEI strategies. 

I also help my executive coaching clients step into their power at work—whether that looks like landing promotions, achieving new goals, or starting their own companies.

I’m not like other consultants and coaches—here’s what I do with all of my clients:

Uncover the Truth

I pinpoint underlying issues and reveal truths that others might overlook. And if it’s not aligned with your core values, I’ll be the first to hold you accountable to matching words with actions.


Create a High-Trust Environment

The work we’re doing isn’t comfortable or easy—but you’ll feel safe enough to step out of your comfort zone. I’m unafraid of going where we need to go, asking the hard questions, and challenging traditional approaches with creative solutions.

Know What to Say “Hell No” to

I don’t believe in saying “yes” to everything. Strategy is about knowing what you’re saying “hell yes” to so you can say “hell no” to the rest.

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Meet Tara

Before founding my company, I worked as an academic librarian for over a decade and as a sex worker before that. (Yes, you read that right!) 

The one thing all of my roles have in common? A deep passion for people and an ability to get below the surface and talk about what really matters. 

How does this influence the work I do now? I bring strategy, research, and fearless authenticity to ultimately help my clients achieve lasting, sustainable results.  

As a DEI strategist, I analyze qualitative and quantitative HR data to diagnose where companies’ biggest DEI problems are. I also work with internal stakeholders to co-design interventions based on research, best practices, and experience about what actually moves the needle. 

As a certified professional coach, I love to help women of color in corporate careers go from underestimated and overworked to unapologetic and wildly successful. 

When I’m not consulting with organizational clients or coaching leadership clients, you can find me playing board games, and lifting heavy weights at the CrossFit gym. I live in Vancouver with my wife and rescue dog.

Want to get to know me more? 

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Tara is a natural-born coach. I could tell from the first time we met that her approaches are what I needed. She really listened and helped me uncover threads I had never really unpacked before. She tailored exercises and activities to my learning style that ended up really resonating. I feel equipped with resources that are empowering, yet individualized. She helped me find my space, and I’ll forever be grateful.

Misty Cozac

Learning Manager, Learning and Development


Bespoke services and data-driven DEI strategy for people-centric corporate organizations.


Tired of working within systems that weren’t designed for you? Go from underrepresented to confidently stepping into your power in your corporate career.


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