Queer Superpowers workshop

The world does not feel like a safe place for queer and trans folks right now.

Queer Superpowers is one hour workshop for LGBTQ+ employee resource groups to claim our strengths, celebrate them and be witnessed by each other in community. We’ll use superheroes (or supervillains!) as a metaphor to explore one of your unique superpowers. You’ll learn to tell the story of your superpowers, and will come away with an action plan on how you can bring more of this superpower into your daily work and life. This workshop costs $4500. 

A participant from last year said “I have never thought about queerness as a superpower, but wow, I really am a superhero!”

I’m hoping you leave the workshop as energized as I feel after watching legendary drag queen Tandi Iman Dupree perform Holding Out for a Hero:

Download the Queer Superpowers 2023 one pager (PDF)

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