an interview and an article

It was a pleasure to do an interview with Jill Emery for her column “Heard on the Net” in The Charleston Advisor. She sent Peggy Glahn, Program Director, Reveal Digital, and I the same set of questions around developing the theme of balance of discovery and respect with primary resources.

I was also surprised to be mentioned in an article by Kritika Agarwal titled “Doing Right Online: Archivists Shape an Ethics for the Digital Age” in Perspectives on History in The Newsmagazine of the American Historical Association. This thoughtful article mentions some awesome archivists and librarians and some really exciting projects, like Bergis Jules and Documenting the Now, Michelle Caswell and the South Asian American Digital Archive, and Kim Christen Withey and Mukurtu.

My day to day work as a librarian is more about accessibility and workflows, so it’s been energizing and satisfying to think about broader ethical and policy issues.