I bring a data-driven approach to diversity, equity and inclusion and experience doing this work in house in the tech sector, so I’ve seen some things that work and some thing that don’t. I also bring subject matter expertise in accessibility and a passion for using inclusive design methodologies to co-design and build more inclusive products and services. If you’re a leader who is hungry to make systemic change in their workplace and in the world, I want to partner with you. 

The services I offer fall into three main areas: assessment, strategy + implementation and inclusive design.  


We measure things that matter. Analyzing data like HR data, employee engagement/candidate/exit surveys will help you understand where your organization is today. This assessment will help us define where to focus your efforts. 

Strategy + Implementation

We build strategies and will help you implement specific programs to make your culture more inclusive and equitable. Your strategy will connect your hiring, learning and development programs, grassroots employee resource groups and DEI leadership council in a cohesive way that helps drive systemic change.

Inclusive Design

Who is the user we’re designing for? Who are we leaving out in this process? Inclusive design considers the full range of human diversity with respect to ability, language, gender, race, age and other forms of human difference. Inclusive design methodologies seek to include people on the edges to build more inclusive products and services for everyone.