Dear White Leaders:

Stop Shitting Your Pants! 💩

You’ve intellectualized inclusivity enough, it’s time to step outside your comfort zone and start taking action.

This is for the leaders who:

Want to take a stand for inclusion but might be scared about getting it wrong and feeling embarrassed.

Care about anti-racism but feel frozen, and maybe a little afraid, when it comes time to speak up. Maybe you’re in a meeting and a peer says something about your company’s diversity efforts and not wanting to lower the bar. When you open your mouth to say something the lump in your throat blocks the words from coming out. 

Have read a dozen books on anti-racism but don’t know how to take these ideas into action in their life. You don’t want to say the wrong thing and hurt someone.

Courageous leaders have shared that they’re scared to make a mistake and be “cancelled”. They have also shared that while they’ve read a bunch of books they’re still afraid to say the wrong thing. So, they say nothing. This doesn’t align with their values and they know this, either consciously or subconsciously. Sometimes it wakes them up at 3am and has them ruminating in bed.

Maybe you’re one of these leaders. I know you care and that sometimes fear, shame and perfectionism are holding you back.

You’ve read the books and attended all the seminars but you’re still stuck

As an executive, you know that diverse teams perform better and an inclusive culture is key to your company’s success. You see that progress on your company’s diversity and inclusion goals have stalled and economic pressures are an easy to dodge accountability. Yet, you are scared to speak up and take a stand. 

You wake up in the middle of the night because you’re afraid you said the wrong thing yesterday or you’re worried you’ll say the wrong thing at a big workshop tomorrow. 

At home around the dinner table, you sometimes feel ill equipped to really engage with your kids about racism, sexism, classism and other isms. They’re growing up in a different world and getting a very different education than you did. You worry that not knowing makes you look like a bad parent and a bad person. 

I will help you unfreeze and move to action. You will get clearer on your values so you can and lead in a value aligned way. We’ll set some goals and work to achieve them together over the 6 month period. You’ll gain a greater awareness of what your body, heart and spirit are telling you and learn how to use this to be a more inclusive leader. My goal is for you to take your ideas and bring them into everyday actions. You’ll define more concretely what that looks like for you.

Ready to step outside your comfort zone and use your power and privilege to shift systems?

What’s the offer? 💩

Stop Shitting Your Pants (SSYP) is a six-month, one-on-one coaching program that is 100%:

*Personalized to your goals



What You Get

Tara Robertson Headshot

Sounding board with a queer woman of colour. You benefit from my lived experience, as well as my professional and academic experience. 

A trained Co-Active coach. This is one of the most rigorous and respected programs in the industry that focuses on on both who you are being, and what you are doing. Without considering who you are being, you’re just left with a to do list. If that worked, you would’ve easily accomplished this already. 

Help moving beyond your comfort zone. You will benefit from being challenged to think bigger than is comfortable. Together we will co-design homework or field assignments. Sometimes these will be unconventional, outside the box and fun. You always get the choice of saying yes, saying no, or renegotiate the challenges. 

An accountability partner. Good ideas without action are meaningless, so we’ll design accountability into your action items. 

Role play laboratory. You can choose to practice what you want to say in a safe, non-judgmental space before you need to say it out loud for real. 

A champion of your growth – We both know this is hard work. I will witness and acknowledge your growth and you’ll tell me how you want to be celebrated.

Is this program right for you?

If you’re thinking “her language is really unprofessional”, I’m probably not a good match for you. I’m not for everyone, nor is this program, and that’s ok.

I’m here for leaders who are are curious to learn and grow, and less concerned about getting it right. We all know learning happens through making mistakes and I’ll help you distill those learnings so you are failing forward. 

I’m here to evoke transformation–is that something you’re ready for? 

About your coach

I’m a queer, mixed race woman who grew up feeling like I didn’t fit and that systems weren’t designed to include me, probably because they weren’t. I know firsthand what it’s like to not feel like I belong.

I led global diversity and inclusion at Mozilla and have been helping tech, engineering and open science organizations with diversity, equity and inclusion strategies. I love working with leaders because they make a huge impact on the external business impact and internal culture of a company. 

The shift to talk about race and racism at work gives me hope. In the last few years I’ve seen white leaders struggle with their own discomfort and emotions around learning about systemic racism. Part of the reason is they’ve realized their own unearned privilege as well as realizing that they have been living segregated lives. These are important things that you can’t unknow or unsee. So, once you learn these things, what do you do next? 

My mission is to help white leaders step outside their comfort zone to use their power and privilege to shift systems.


You might be wondering…

How does this work?

I offer a free coaching chemistry session to see if we’re a fit to work together. If we both want to work with each other, we’ll do a 90 minute discovery session where we’ll set the foundation for our working relationship. We’ll meet two times a month and you’ll bring the topics that you want to be coached on. 

How many spots are there?

There are three spots. 

What's the investment?

This six month program is $23,000 USD.

When you say "leader" what do you mean?

This program was designed with senior and executive corporate leaders in mind.

Ready to step outside your comfort zone?