Psssst…the Word on the Street is Intellectual Freedom


At our last meeting we banged out 200 buttons with slogans like I read banned books, There’s something in my library to offend everyone, and a bunch of anti-DRM slogans. Did you know that the BCLA has a button maker that you can use?A   Well, now you do…

We will be at Word on the Street Sunday, September 30th with the Information Policy Committee to host our wheel of information issues. Last year the wheel was really successful, our booth was busy all day long. Perhaps people were excited about learning more about privacy issues and net neutrality. Perhaps they just enjoyed the satisfying clack-clack-clack that the wheel made. Perhaps it was the gummi candy.

Check out the planning wiki if you would like to get involved.


While we are waiting to find out what Canadian server this blog will land on, I thought I’d get the ball rolling.

I hope this blog will be a way for us to:

  • communicate within The British Columbia Library Association’s Intellectual Freedom Committee, with the Association as a whole (especially folks outside the Lower Mainland), and with other library folks
  • highlight the events that we participate in
  • archive and remember what we did (to make the official report writing easier)
  • think and write about ideas around intellectual freedom, censorship and library and information policy. I challenge us to explore familiar and unfamiliar territory in depth and to sometimes feel uncomfortable.

I’m not quite sure how to set up multiple authors for this blog, but I’ll figure it out. Please let me know if you would like to be added.