Intentional Conversations with Dr. Nika White

It was an honour to be a co-host on Dr. Nika White‘s Intentional Conversations VodCast. 

Dr. White summarized the key points from our conversation. 

✔️ Leaders need to take a stand and be clear on their #values. When meeting resistance, knowing your core values will help your response. Do you have the backs of your employees and clients?
✔️ When making decisions around DEIB, determine who caused the harm and who’s being centered? Do those answers align?
✔️ Develop regular #mentalhealth practices. How are you continuously filling your cup, not just during #MentalHealthMonth but all year.
✔️ When coaching WOC, nothing is broken so there’s nothing to fix. Just shine a light on them, be with and walk with them.
✔️ When we make decisions on brand for our values, it makes us feel happy and fulfilled and determines what we should do during our work and our personal lives.
✔️ We must interrogate the avoidance of discomfort during #DEI conversations.

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