Queer Superpowers: a workshop for Pride 2022

Queer super powers: Pride 2022 workshops. Discover your queer superpowers! Comic book font and female superhero with big swoopey black hair and a masked face.

I’ve developed a new strengths-based workshop for Pride that uses superheros as a metaphor for exploring your unique superpowers. I’ve designed this with LGBTQ+, queer, and trans employee resource groups in mind. The idea for this came out of the coaching courses I just finished. Someone heard part of my story and said “it sounds like you took a difficult life experience and transformed it into your superpower.” which got me thinking that superheros are a fun metaphor to honour queer strength and resilience. 

This one-hour interactive workshop will help you to discover your superpower in being LGBTQ+. We’ll use superheros (or supervillains!) as a metaphor to explore one of your unique superpowers. You’ll learn to tell the story of your superpowers and come away with an action plan on how you can bring more of this superpower into your daily work and life.

I wasn’t too familiar with the genre of superhero movies or comics, but I’m researching by watching movies and reading comics. Last night my wife and I watched Thor Ragnarok and we had an awesome conversation about the different superpowers we saw in the characters. 

The workshop fee is $5000/group. Get in touch if you’re interested!