In conversation with Cornell Verdeja-Woodson

It’s been a year since I signed on to be one of the advisors for DiVerity, a company that’s looking to ensure the DEI marketplace is also equitable. I wholeheartedly believe in the vision, leadership, community and platform that co-founders Minsun Byun Kevers and Jay Patel are building. 

We had to delay recording this podcast a few times over several months. Enrico Manalo and Cornell Verdeja-Woodson were very human and empathetic when we needed to postpone for various life reasons. For me, these exchanges created trust and care in the relationship, so when we finally sat down to record we had a real conversation.

The day that I do consulting in a way that serves or pleases my client, and doesn't seek to upset them, but because I want to keep them, I'm getting out of the business. Because I cannot--I won't center you. i'm centering the liberation of all people. Cornell Verdeja-Woodson, Founder of Brave Trainings, LLC.

I’m a huge fan of Cornell’s and a few of the things he said gave me goosebumps. When he said my work is to “center the liberation of all people” I got goosebumps on my arms that spread across my back and up over my head. 

My "why" is: the future that we know we want and that we all need to have so we can survive and thrive. We need to radically rethink that. We need to make that future irresistible. Tara Robertson

Please give this episode a listen, and check out the other podcasts I’ve been a guest on recently.