Thank you


I feel a great deal of gratitude towards many people who really have my back.

I’m one of those annoying extroverts who needs to think out loud. I appreciate the generosity that all of these people have extended to me. These people are friends, colleagues, comrades, librarians, sex worker activists, academics, feminists, queers, artists and pornographers. I think it’s important for me to acknowledge all of these people as extended feminist citation practice but also because I wouldn’t have the courage to speak today. I’m standing on the shoulders of these giants:

Carolyn Arthur

Safia Noble 

Baharak Yousefi

Emily Drabinski 

Elaine Miller

Vanessa Kwan 

Eli Manning

Christina Harlow

Francis Kayiwa

Mark Matienzo

Patricia Cia

Annette DeFaveri

Shirley Lew

Gwen Bird

Anne Olsen

Lindsay Tripp

Sarah Hunt

Carmen Suchy

Lynn Carter

Lia Friedman

Beth Davis

Jane Schmidt

Alison Macrina

Amy Buckland

Lisa Sloniowski

Jess Mitchell

Chanelle Gallant

Amber Dawn

Devra Polack

Sam Bradd

Stuart Yeates

Stephen Blaeser

Ruth Koleszar-Green