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Beer battered haloumi at The Acorn. Photo by Heather Joan
Beer battered haloumi at The Acorn. Photo by Heather Joan

An out of town friend asked for vegetarian restaurant  recommendations. I asked my friends on Facebook, then checked their suggestions on Yelp. Finally I filtered out some places I don’t like.

Many people seemed to find the list useful, so I’m posting it here too. I’ve updated it for various conference planning groups I’ve been a part of.

The best options are not downtown, so if you’re in town for a conference it’s another good reason to get out of downtown.

Last updated January 2017.


I would recommend The Acorn, or Grub if you want to go out for a really nice meal with friends who are not veg.

  • The Acorn (3995 Main Street) really delicious and beautiful food. My favourites are the kale Caesar salad with tempeh, and the deep fried Haloumi. Nom. 4 stars on Yelp
  • The Arbour Restaurant (3941 Main Street) is half a block away from The Acorn and owned by the same people. More casual and a little cheaper than The Acorn with delicious comfort food. 4 stars on Yelp
  • Heirloom Vegetarian (1509 West 12th) Went here with my friends after a quick, casual wedding. It’s OK, but not as good as The Acorn. 3.5 stars on Yelp
  • Grub (4328 Main Street) not strictly vegetarian, but they always have a vegetarian/vegan options that are lovely. There’s also a sweet patio in the back, and they make boozy punch, which is nice. 4 stars on Yelp

Moderately priced

  • Meet on Main (4288 Main Street, new location at 12 Water Street) is delicious burgers (try the angry burg) and the best fries in town. They also make vegetarian versions of comfort food like stroganoff, as well as hippie style veggie bowls. 4 stars on Yelp
  • Virtuous Pie (583 Main Street) “delicious range of plant-based pizza and ice cream” 4 stars on Yelp
  • Chomp Vegan Eatery (3586 Fraser Street) “vegan food that doesn’t suck” 3 stars on Yelp
  • Jamjar Folk Lebanese Food (2280 Commercial Drive) tasty fresh Lebanese food, while not exclusively vegetarian there are lots of veggie options. 4 stars on Yelp
  • Nuba (4 locations). The downtown location is my go to for group dinners with people who are vegetarian and meat eaters. They also have good drinks. 4 stars on Yelp
  • Po Kong (1334 Kingsway) fake meat! Gluten! Vegetarian Chinese food. 4 stars on Yelp
  • Chau Veggie Express (5052 Victoria Drive between 34th and 35th) , vegetarian and vegan Vietnamese food. I haven’t been here before but I will go. 4.5 stars on Yelp
  • Veggiebowl (2222 Kingsway) a little further out but another vegetarian and vegan Vietnamese place. 4 stars on Yelp
  • Planet Veg (1941 Cornwall Ave) tasty wraps and stuff, apparently. If you go to Kits beach or the Museum of Vancouver or Planatarium (or the Archive, though I don’t know why you would do that) it’s nearby. 3.5 stars on Yelp
  • Bandidas Taqueria (2781 Commercial Drive) , tasty! Cute staff! Lots of bikes! Though if you are from Texas (you probably have pretty picky tastes in tacos and might want to skip Mexican food in Canada) 4 stars on Yelp
  • 3G Vegetarian Restaurant (3424 Cambie Street) lots of tasty fake meat, including “chicken wings”. They also have a vegan dimsum menu. 3.5 stars on Yelp
  • Fassil Ethopian (Fraser and Broadway) – has a great veggie combo. Friend’s favourite Ethopian restaurant. 4 stars on Yelp
  • Axum Ethopian (1279 East Hastings) 4.5 stars on Yelp
  • East is East (a couple of locations) tasty food but kinda pricey. It always seems to be full of white hippies. I think people who are not white hippies (or don’t live in the neighbourhood) go elsewhere for Indian food. 4 stars on Yelp
  • Zend Conscious Lounge (1130 Mainland Street) upscale vegetarian in Yaletown. $18 for a wrap, but tasty. 4 stars on Yelp

Weird and wonderful

  • The Black Lodge (630 Kingsway). Twin Peaks themed small vegetarian neighbourhood bar with good drinks and tasty junk food. They make delicious coconut bacon. 4 stars on Yelp
  • Storm Crow Tavern (1305 Commercial Drive) “Planet Hollywood for geeks,  a sports bar for nerds: a place where gamers, sci-fi and fantasy fans can hang out, drink a tasty microbrew and nosh on tasty edibles in Vancouver’s eclectic Commercial Drive neighbourhood”. The menu has many vegetarian options. They’ve opened the Storm Crow Alehouse  (1619 West Broadway) which is the same thing, but bigger and on the West Side. 3.5 stars on Yelp

Sweet things

Don’t bother going to

  • Foundation, bad service from cranky hipsters, expensive for what it is
  • Wallflower, meh. It’s not very good. Really.
  • The Naam (2724 West 4th Ave) Some people recommended this. I say ‘meh’, though sometimes you are craving some potato wedges with miso gravy and a salad with grated beets in it. I wouldn’t go out of your way to go here. Though it’s open 24 hours, so it’s got that going for it.

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  1. I really enjoyed my last few outings to Jam Jar on Commercial Drive (up by 7th). Not fully vegetarian but many, many veggie options. They do a share-plate for 2 that features eight appetizer size portions of various dips and spreads and nibbles with a lovely home-made lavash-style bread, which also comes with a choice of one main course to share. I’ve been with my always ravenous young nephew, a fabulous girlfriend who has a great appetite, and a sweetie who also tends to eat well and we have never been able to finish everything they bring. This meal for two seems very reasonable to me at $38.

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