Evergreen unsung heros: an invitation to participate

I’m so excited about the Evergreen community. There are a lot of smart people who work hard and do really excellent work.

I’ve really enjoyed Chris Cormack’s blog posts about the unsung heroes in the Koha community.

I also appreciate all the other people who do work in this community. It’s inspiring to see people working on documentation, translation/internationalization, governance, testing, submitting bugs, teaching Evergreen in library school and library tech programs, doing design work, writing code and contributing in other ways to make the software better and the community more stable and functional.

It’s really exciting to see where Evergreen libraries have sprung up: it takes guts to be the first one in your country to migrate to Evergreen, or to be one of the new Evergreen libraries in a specific sector (government, K-12, corporate, etc.).

I want to create a slideshow showing lots of awesome people in our community.

Please send me:

  • a photo of the person (print quality if possible)
  • their email address (I want to get permission from the person profiled)
  • city, state/province/whatever
  • library name
  • information about how they contribute to the community, in less than 100 words

You are also welcome to submit information about yourself–please don’t be shy.

The Evergreen International Conference organizers in Indiana have agreed to show the slideshow that I put together. I’m part of the organizing team for the Vancouver conference and we’d like to build on this–perhaps with a longer slideshow, posters, or perhaps an ebook.

The deadline is Friday, March 16th.

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