Lesbrarians, vol. 2 – final report

Tash, volunteer at Spartacus Books, representing anarchist infoshops

This year’s Vancouver Dyke March started almost on time, which had me scrambling to finish introducing the new lesbrarians. Public, academic, and special libraries were represented (library workers, technicians, librarians, managers, Qmunity library volunteers), along with archives, infoshops, nerdy academics/researchers, and library school students. Two French lesbrarians joined us, one who wants to spread the lesbrarian word to France, Belgium and Spain. Someone who I studied with timed her visit back from Austin, TX so she could march with us. We started the march with about 20 people, and finished with about 30.

Venn diagrams are awesome

Along the way we did some synchronized shushing at the intersections, which resulted in laugher and cheers from the crowds. Our community loves lesbrarians. Along the route we met a cute man in a Powell’s bookstore t-shirt who bubbled that he was a-gay-librarian-from-San-Francisco-omg-this-is-so-awesome. A self-identified “fag library technician” left us a little love on our Facebook wall.

The booklists were also a huge hit. Kelly McElroy, a newly minted librarian, created new booklists, including one for youth and families. Queer and queer-positive families loved them. Perhaps next year we’ll add a list of non-English books for families. All the booklists (PDF) were gone before we arrived at the park. (Note to self: next year print twice as many as I think we’ll need).

Happy Pride! Join us next year for Lesbrarians, no. 3, vol. 1?

Download this year’s booklist – from Kelly McElroy (PDF)

Download lesbrarian badges – from Terra Poirier (PDF)

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