i want to be a librarian because i love books…

I like chatting with people who are considering librarianship as a career. At parties sometimes people tell me they want to become a librarian because they love books. I think this is a really bad reason to want to suffer through library school and fight for a job in competitive market.

Become a librarian because normalized data thrills you, you love customer service, or you’re passionate about information literacy, metadata schemas, information architecture, or streamlining workflows.

Ned Potter has put together a smart presentation that I’ll be directing keen wannabe librarians to.

If you want to work in libraries

View more presentations from Ned Potter. (Tip of the hat to Amy Buckland for blogging this.)

2 thoughts on “i want to be a librarian because i love books…”

  1. Interesting!

    I started working in bookstores because I loved books. Not the right motivation; if I loved counting books and unpacking books and being asked for the new Danielle Steel epic, that was the place to work.

    I no longer work there. Still love books madly.

  2. my favourite quote in response to this is: going into library science because you like books is like becoming a cop because you like guns. (i.e., wrong reason!)

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