Felt pretty warm

For the past couple of years I have been doing a lot of functional writing for work: documentation, how tos, tutorials, and tip sheets. I’ve wanted to branch out and start writing pieces that have a slightly wider appeal than how to filter your search results in library database search or how to run recurring reports through the Local System Admin interface on the Evergreen open source ILS.

Here’s my first published piece that describes how to felt old sweaters (or jerseys if you’re a Kiwi) and how to make mittens or a scarf out of the felt. It was published in World Sweet World, “a New Zealand based alt-indie DIY/MIY/lifestyle magazine aimed at the growing number of creative people returning to a more sustainable and home-made lifestyle”.

I’m now working on two more pieces for World Sweet World, and have pitched two more articles to another magazine. I’m more excited than scared about interviewing folks, researching stories and writing stuff.

WSW-Felt Pretty Warm

3 thoughts on “Felt pretty warm”

  1. Super cool and crafty! I’ve seen a ton of things done with felted sweaters, but not that mitten application! Gotta try that myself sometime… with needle felting on top đŸ™‚

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