Quarterly List of Admissible and Prohibited Titles–October to December 2007

Canada Border Services Agency sent out their quarterly list (24 page PDF) of items (CDs, newspapers, records, books, calenders, CD-ROMs, comic books, DVDs, DVD-Rs, magazines, pocket books, and video cassettes) that have been seized and reviewed by the Prohibited Importations Unit.

For me the white supremacist stuff makes me really angry and is the most difficult stuff on the list for me to look at. The number of items in the CBCA’s hate propaganda category are much fewer than items in the obscenity category.

The WTF item on this list is the magazine Giant Robot: Asian American Pop Culture and Beyond (page 12).

This list is not published on the CBSA website, nor are previous lists available on their site. If you would like to receive these updates by email, contact the CBSA at piu-uip@cbsa-asfc.gc.ca and request to be added.

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