oiling the gears

Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times (1936)

Rejigging this website has been on my to-do list for several months.A   I realized that I wasn’t going to have time to do it, so I got a little help from my friends.

Sam Bradd designed the the banner image.A   Krisztina Kun gave me some good ideas for thinking of something that represents what I do as a librarian.A   I am thrilled with the final conveory belt of ideas image that Sam created.A   It represents what I do in a way that’s not too literal.A   I help library staff understand how Evergreen, an open source Integrated Library Systems (ILS) works.A   An ILS is a complex system, and changing any complex system also results in workflow changes. I find it very satisfying to learn how a system works and find ways to make it work better.

Elaine Miller at Techdonkey upgraded this site to the current version of WordPress, found some plugins to pull in the blog posts that I write from two other library blogs, and tweaked the CSS to look pretty.A   She was so easy to work with, and it is a relief to have this done.

Please let me know if you see anything that looks broken or isn’t working quite right.A   Thanks!

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