i am not a pornographer

This is a fantastic and funny rant from author John Green about a high school that is requiring parental consent forms for students to read and study his first book Looking for Alaska. He describes the frank sex scene in this book as “alkward, unfun, disasterous and wholly unerotic.”

He argues:

Hank, it doesn’t take deeply critical understanding of literature to realize that Looking for Alaska is arguing against vapid physical interactions, not for them. Now Hank, some people are going to say that kids don’t have the critical sophistication when they’re reading to understand that. And I have a message for those people, shut up and stop condescending to teenagers. Do you seriously think that teenagers aren’t able to read critically? When they read George Orwell’s animal farm do they head out to the pig farms to kill all the pigs because they are about to become communist autocrats?

There are quite a few video responses, many from teens, to this post. I’m going to use one of my precious holds to request this from my public library now.

Thanks Miriam for the link.

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