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Photo of Kate by tris on Flickr

Check out Kate Milberry’s blog: Geeks & Global Justice: Researching tech activism in the global justice movement.   Her latest post is about net neutrality in Canada.

Kate describes herself:

I am a social justice activist, doctoral student, and mama living and working in Vancouver, BC. I go to school at Simon Fraser University, and I work under the American philosopher of technology, Andrew Feenberg. In a nutshell, I’m interested in figuring out ways to make a better world. Right now, I’m studying how activists in the global justice movement appropriate technology to achieve their social justice goals. Tech activism has (at least) three simultaneous outcomes: it democratizes technology, it develops democratic practice and it produces an alternative vision of society.

I enjoy her style of accessible and fiesty writing, as well as her perspectives on technology, open source software, open access publishing and feminism.   I also respect that she’s not cloistered academic pretending to objectively study activism.   She’s in the community living her politics and sharing her ideas with folks.   I like that she’s planing on sharing her PhD thesis on a wiki and inviting people to edit, change, or correct her work.

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