Dear VANOC†¦

Photo by Ian Muttoo

 Dear VANOC,

This trademark stuff is getting completely redonculous.   First, there was the broad and unnecessary legislation protecting the Olympic brand and trademarked words like 2010, winter and Olympics.   I can’t believe that this was passed into law!

Then there was the Denman St. Olympia Pizza debacle, where you bullied a pizza shop that had had the same name and signage for the last 15 years, long before Vancouver even had an Olympic twinkle in its eye.

Now, you have trademarked part of the national anthem of Canada.   I read today that you trademarked “With glowing hearts” from the English version and “Des plus brillants exploits”from the French, before announcing that these would be slogans that you will use to brand keychains, ads, and who knows what else.

It’s thoughtful and kinda sweet that you will allow Canadians to sing our anthem on the medal podium, in schools and at special events without suing us for infringing on your trademark.



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