Bill C-10 sucks

Last night I learned that buried in an omnibus bill, C-10, there are provisions for the Minister of Heritage to develop guidelines for the sorts of Canadian films and TV shows that will be eligible for production tax credits.

In an article from the Globe and Mail Tories plan to withhold funding for ‘offensive’ productions Toronto lawyer David Zitzerman of Goodmans LLP says the government’s plans smack of à ¢Ã¢”š ¬Ã…”closet censorship.à ¢Ã¢”š ¬ 

Would this committee put money into Juno? It might not want to encourage teen pregnancy. Would the government put money into a film with a dirty title, like Young People Fucking? Would they invest in something like Brokeback Mountain? They might not want to encourage gay cowboys to have sex together in Alberta.

Both the content and process suck.A   I don’t want civil servants deciding what kind of TV and film should be allowed to be made.A   It also sucks that a controversial item has been slipped into a sprawling 600-page bill on income tax.A   It seems to have slipped by theA   media until February 28th.A   In a CBC article states, Bill Siksay, heritage critic for theA  NDP, said he did not know about this amendment when he voted for the 600-page bill Artists call Tory plan to vet films ‘censorship’ (CBC) .

I know it’s been a long week, but please make the time to write:

  • write to your MP (even though the bill has passed the House of Commons and is in the Senate)
  • It would be good to also copy your letter to Senator Larry Campbell (who is against this bill
  • W. David Angus ( the Chair of the Senate Committee on Bank, Trade and Commerce
  • Mobina Jaffer (, a BC Senator who sits on this Committee
  • Josee Verner ( Minister of Heritage
  • Robert Nicholson ( Minister of of Justice

Also join the Facebook group: Keep your censoring hands off of Canadian film and TV! No to Bill C-10.

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