I really enjoyed my first barcamp. The highlight for me was definitely the people.A   Like the folks I have met at similar tech gatherings in Vancouver, I find the people to be much more positive, engaged, excited, and willing to share information and skills than at any library conference I’ve been to, so far.A   I am energized by how people have creative ideas and then actually do stuff.A   It may not be perfect at first, but they aren’t afraid to innovate.A   In the library world, we have a tenancy to overplan and committee things to death.

I helped organize the registration party with Karen, James, and Raul.A   The organizers were really easy to work with, completely transparent, and are the types of people who roll up their sleeves and just get stuff done.

Session highlights for me included hearing more about the open source archival software that is being grown locally, Igor from Handi‘s presentation on statistics on the types of mobile devices and where folks are accessing translink’s site for mobile users, and learning a wee bit about cloud computing.

I noticed a gender split throughout the conference.A   Many of the men are programmers, and many of the women are bloggers or designers.A   I hate binary gender essentialism, like men like to write code and women like to write blogs. However, most of people who I met seemed to fall into these groups.A   I noticed that many men were asked what programming languages they worked in, while many women were asked what their blog was about.A   The session on unconferences for non techie communities was the session with the greatest gender parity.

This past week, the wee blog that I started on intellectual freedom issues hit 10,000 visits.A   I met a woman at the registration party who had one post on her blog receive 21,000 hits in one day.A   I was completely blown away.A   She was generous and sincere in congratulating me in reaching the 10K milestone.

It was fantastic to see some folks from the Masters of Digital Media program, people I had met previously at DemoCamps, and connect with some new folks.A   I can’t wait for next year!

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  1. your observation about the ‘barcamp for non-techies’ session having the most gender parity is interesting. did you notice any sessions where a disproportionate amount of women attended?

  2. a session where there were more women than men? none of the sessions i attended could be described that way. after your session a few women commented that your session had more women in it than any other session at that point in the day.

    kudos to you for bringing an interesting topic to the table, and for standing by your position, even when people like me challenged you. good luck with the skytrain unconference next week!

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