response from Susie Bright

I received this email from Susie Bright as a response to the last post.A   It’s massively exciting to get an email from an author I admire.

I’m so glad you saw the conversation with Steve and posted about it.

It’s probably because I know Steve so well, so I talked rather intimately, but we both share the same feelings as you do about why the library is a sanctuary for people who are struggling, and how outrageous the public policies are where we live that no one gives a damn about the bigger issues of mental health, homelessness, health care, poverty, etc.

I’m so mortified you don’t know that side of me! Cause I’ve gone to jail and marched my ass for those causes. I’m not sashaying into the library with my fur coat and pooh-poohing the little people!

Nevertheless, one can be a hardcore socialist rabblerouser, and still be upset that there’s no where to sit at the library where your eyes don’t sting! It’s hard for the library workers, too.

And actually, they extreme hygiene element not a homeless issue, it’s a mental health issue. There are plenty of homeless folks in the library socializing or reading or enjoying the public space who are just as upset about it as I am.

I would’ve added this comment to your blog, but there was no place to do it!

Eat the rich,


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