Quarterly List of Admissible and Prohibited Titles–Sept 2007

Canada Border Services Agency sent out their quarterly list (19 page PDF) of items (CDs, newspapers, records, books, calenders, CD-ROMs, comic books, DVDs, DVD-Rs, magazines, pocket books, and video cassettes) that have been seized and reviewed by the Prohibited Importations Unit.

In the 19 page report there is half a page of items listed under hate propaganda and 10 pages of items listed under obscenity. 6 pages of the items categorized under obscenity are DVDs. About 2/3rd of the obscene material appears to be BDSM themed.

Whether the government should be determining what materials and information are admissible or prohibited, or whether the standards being used to make these decisions are valid, is another topic. I think it’s good that there is some openness about what the government has seized and what they have prohibited. However, it is difficult to find that this report exists and how one can sign up to receive it. I can’t find the address or URL where I subscribed to it, nor can I find the previous reports on the government site (perhaps that speaks to my search skills? a government employee confirmed that they are not on the site) Previous reports are not available on the CBSA site, but they are available on Gomorrahy.com.

Edit: to be added to the CBSA quarterly mailouts email piu-uip@cbsa-asfc.gc.ca and request to be added.

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