censorship and sales

The topic of censorship hyping sales and piquing interest in a title has come up a couple of times this week.

Over coffee and bagels, Greyson on Social Justice Librarian wondered if the media coverage of the Toronto Catholic schools who have pulled The Golden Compass and the other two books in the trilogy isn’t benefiting New Line Cinema (Time Warner) as the movie comes out soon.A   While it seems a bit conspiracy theory-ish, it also seems logical.

I know I have read certain titles because they have been challenged or banned.A   Even though the Higher Power of Lucky had won several literary awards, I didn’t go looking for a copy until the there was a big fuss about the word scrotum.

Philip Pullman said to CBC’s Writers and Co.:

If you want people to read a book, then make a fuss about it, make it controversial. Tell your children they are not to read this book under any circumstances. What is more likely to make them go to the shelf and take it down and read it from there?

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