Dear Random House…

Dear Random House,

I’m really disappointed that you have bowed to the pressure of 3 complaints about the word “twat” in Jacqueline Wilson’s latest novel My Sister Jodie.

This Guardian article explains the context:

The book is about Jodie, who is “bold and brash and bad”, and her younger sister Pearl. During the course of the novel, when the two girls are sent to boarding school, Jodie becomes interested in a 19-year-old boy who uses the word “twat” in conversation with her. “The word ‘twat’ was used in context. It was meant to be a nasty word on purpose, because this is a nasty character,” said a spokesperson for Random House.

I’m not buying your comment that Jacqueline does not want to offend her readers, and agreed to to have the word “twat” changed to “twit” in a reprint. In one breath you make an argument for leaving her work as was originally published and then in the next breath you chicken out.

I think this really sucks.



PS. There’s a good post on this at the too.

Thanks Beth and Janis!