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This is my second week at CILS, a unit that serves post-secondary students with print disabilities by creating alternate formats like: etext, accessible PDFs, Kurzweil and DAISY. I’m getting familiar with our production workflows, cataloging alternate formats and the related policy issues around alternate format production: stuff like copyright and advocacy. I’m also trying to remember new names, figure out where things are and get around the Langara campus without getting lost.

Print disabilities, alternate formats and (web) accessibility are a new areas for me. Which blogs and sites should I be reading? Who should I be following on Twitter?

2 thoughts on “new job”

  1. I’d check out Marco Zehe’s blog: Marco is an accessibility QA engineer at Mozilla. You might also want to chat with local Mozillians , let me know if you’d like an introduction (though you may have met some at ApacheCamp last year.)

  2. i would definitely love to connect with people outside of libraries. i would love an introduction–thank you!

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