lesbrarians vol. 2

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It’s less than a month until Pride weekend in Vancouver. This year’s Vancouver Dyke March is Saturday, July 31, 2010. Last year was the first time I organized the lesbrarian contingent for the Dyke March.

As it was the first time, I decided to keep things really low key. We met up on the day, put on official lesbrarian identification labels, did some group shushing action, and handed out lesbrarian approved booklists. We were a hit.

This year I want to do it again, but in a more collaborative and creative way. I think we can get more queer women (including bisexuals and trans women) who work in libraries, archives, and other information organizations to be delightfully dorky together. Last year some of our fans–writers, designers, and artists, joined our ranks.

Some suggestions for this year include:

  • collecting queer books to give away, or we could check them out for a year, to be returned at the next Dyke March. We could also register the books on Book Crossing and track where they end up?
  • updating the book list, and making a list of queer positive books for kids and parents, and teens
  • something with a book truck
  • book talks at the park (perhaps we could get on stage and do 60 second book reviews between performers?)
  • reference desk at the post-march festival in the park

I fuss a bit about being so book focused, but oddly I don’t fuss about playing with and embodying librarian stereotypes. If you have any ideas for this year’s lesbrarians, let me know. This year we’ll aim for a lesbrarian planning potluck so we can hang out a bit more and be a bit more organized. Depending on the time, and people’s preferences, we might just meet at Rhizome Cafe. Let me know when you are free to meet.

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