R.I.P. some of my favourite magazines

There’s a great article in the current issue of Bitch magazine. “Paper Cuts: Saying R.I.P. to some of the best D.I.Y.” (p. 52-55) looks a pile of independent magazines that have gone out of business in the last year or two including: Punk Planet, LIP: Informed Revolt, Stay Free!, No Compromise: The Militant, Direct Action Publication of Grassroots Animal Liberationists and Their Supporters, On Our Backs: Entertainment for the Adventurous Lesbian, Clamor, Kitchen Sink: For People Who Think Too Much, and Rockrgrl.

The authors Debbie Rasumussen (Bitch’s publisher) and Josh Hooten (editor of Herbivore magazine) identify “increasing media consolidation, bankruptcies of small distributors, independentA   bookstore closings, and riding costs for paper, printing and postage” as well as “general lack of funding available for grassroots media and a larger cultural evolution toward digital media” as the factors for these magazines disappearing.

While many of these magazines are survived by interesting blogs, for me it’s not really the same thing as holding and reading (and passing along) a magazine.

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