Happy Birthday, Blog!

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This blog is one year old today.

In the past year, we’ve had almost 9000 visits, 100 posts and 5 authors.

We’ve explored book challenges (1, 2, 3, 4), internet filtering, picks from alternative and independent press, media concentration, and CanWest’s legal attack on parody. We’ve noted different ways of censoring or impeding access, like having secret shelving locations and making ‘abortion’ a stop word.

We’ve looked at library policy on collection development, filtering, posters and public programming,

We’ve tried really hard to highlight positive things that are happening too: a program that can be used to circumvent internet filters in countries like China, the open access scholarly journal Open Medicine, and London PL Board members who won the CLA Intellectual Freedom award for opposing their filtering policy.

We’ve also highlighted the events that we have been involved with like Word on the Street, Freedom to Read week, Freedom to Read Week library display content, sponsoring author readings with Robson Square Reading Series, Voices Carry, screening of Kill the Messenger at DOXA, conference sessions at BCLA (1, 2, 3, 4), the first ever BCLA committees pub night, no-bake sale as a fundraiser for the Little Sisters Defence Fund, and Janine Fuller speaking at SLAIS Colloquium Series. Wow! We’ve done a lot this year!!!

I’ve also interviewed some of my intellectual freedom heros including:

There are a few other interviews already in the works. Who are your IF mentors and heros? Please let me know who you would like me to interview over the next year.

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