free culture game

Free Culture is an interesting Creative Commons licensed, game by Molleindustria where you fight to keep information in the commons.A   Occasionally the evil copyright pac-man like mechanical villain swoops around the outside and gobbles up information. They describe this game as “a game about the struggle between free culture and copyright. Create and defend the common knowledge from the vectorial class. Liberate the passive consumers from the domain of the market.”

According to some commenters on the Creative Commons blog, it is possible to win. I am not that patient.A   I found the same play too repetitive, but maybe that’s the point.A   It’s a long, repetitive slog to keep information freely accessible for everyone.

I like the statement describing who Molleindustria is:

Molleindustria is an italian team of artists, designers and programmers that aims at starting a serious discussion about social and political implications of videogames. This will involve media activists, net-artists, habitual players and critics and detractors of videogames. We chose to start with online gaming in order to sidestep mainstream distribution channels and to overcome our lack of means. Using simple but sharp games we hope to give a starting point for a new generation of critical game developers and, above all, to experiment with practices that can be easily emulated and virally diffused.

This game is safe for work, but some of their other games, are likely not appropriate to play at work.

Thanks Jen Crothers for the tip!

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