scrotum is just another word for sac

After reading many articles (New York Times Books,, American Libraries) on the hullabaloo about The Higher Power of Lucky, I finally was able to get my hands on a copy of the book and read it for myself. In case you missed the kerfuffle, the word “scrotum” is one of the words that Susan Patron uses in this Newbery award winning book. Some people, including librarians, really took issue with that. As a local librarian said, “scrotum is just another word for sac”.

I loved the book. I especially loved the protagonist Lucky, who is a spunky, confident and intelligent 10-year old girl. I also enjoyed the story and the writing. Some school librarians in the US said that it is not quality literature. This argument is used to censor through selection.

Here’s a short video with an interview with Susan Patron, who is also a children’s librarian. Neil Gaiman is quoted at the beginning:

I’ve decided that librarians who would decline to have a Newbery book in their libraries because they don’t like the word scrotum are not real librarians (who I love unconditionally).

I think they are rogue librarians who have gone over to the dark side.

The Asylum Street Spankers sing a song called The Scrotum Song. I think it’s pretty funny (and a bit rude too), enjoy!

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